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LEANNA TUFF is a seasoned and award-winning portrait artist.  Her training began in Monterey, CA in the early 80’s when she studied with Sylvia Barnes at the Faces West gallery on Cannery Row.  She continued her studies with renowned portrait artist Daniel Greene and continued to develop her craft while raising three children with her husband in Vienna, Austria, and then in Colorado Springs.

LeAnna Tuff loves faces and is captivated by them as she renders in pastel her interpretations of what she sees. Pastel is her medium of choice and she loves its loose, yet vibrant and pure qualities.

She recently returned home to her Central Coast roots, and is happy to be living in Carmel while pursuing her passion for pastel portraiture. Her two dogs, Figaro and Susanna, along with Carmel’s many other residents - canine and human - provide daily inspiration as she continues to document—through portraiture—the many stories of Carmel’s doggies...and people.

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